Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekends are my time

I finished up another chili apron and a baby dress this week. I know, I know - that's not knitting! But it was fun. I made button holes! It was amazing. I, however, do not have a baby nor do I ever plan on it - so Growly Bear is your model for today (only cuz the cats wouldn't hold still wearing a baby dress). The dress is for my new neice, Grace.

Cardigan for Arwen is coming along nicely too; I am just about finished the sleeve and all that'll be left is the hood and seams. Voila! Next post will be a finished Arwen, promise.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pajama days

While Greg did the tile backsplash in the kitchen all yesterday (which meant I couldn't cook or clean - yay!) I did a few things. 3 to be exact.

1. Made a spicy apron that had no photo model around and was therefore draped on Greg's chair.

2. Made a circular knitting needle case (which matches the straight + DPN case I made a while back)

3. Finished the snowflake socks. Please note: Sylus has again managed to get his socks in the sock photo :) He is SO my cat.

Very, very productive Sunday I'd say. I also did some more of Arwen and am hoping to be done by the end of this coming weekend.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Houston, we have a problem...

As a 'thank you' for getting her addicted to knitting, my mother bought me a really, really nice sewing machine today... the competition for my spare time just got tough!

She's calling it fair revenge, since she was a quilter first and then I introduced her to knitting... I see through her evil plans to make me a quilter. Yes... yes, I see her plans... yet somehow all I can think is 'oooh! shiney! Where's the closest fabric store?'

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


After posting about the lacey scarf, I really felt bad. What did the scarf ever do to me? It was being neglected, and I wanted to make up to it. So I knit. And knit, and knit and knit. Only 9 more repeats of the leaves left... although I might make it a bit longer, I do have enough yarn to make it longer... then the end piece and voila! It's just that easy LOL

Monday, January 14, 2008

The sock that ate my weekend...

is done. And it fits perfectly! Now to complete the pair...

You'll notice Sylus modeling his socks in the background as well.... ooh, ahhh, strike a pose.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snowflake Inspiration

So after getting home and settled in I quickly realized I didn't have socks on the go anymore - gasp! Started these this morning and knit them a bit in the waiting room as my niece was born (very cool).
Colourwork is definitely one of the skills I need to work on. I seem to knit colour tight, really tight. Confession: I finished this sock last night (literally about to graft the toe), couldn't get it on past my ankle and this morning gave in to the reality that no matter how much pulling and stretching they would never fit. So I frogged them back to the cuff and started again. Progress is much slower the second time around as I'm making sure not to repeat my earlier mistakes. I still love them very much :)
Also here is the progress on Arwen. Very pleased with how quickly this one is coming along. Once it's finished I absolutely must pay some attention to that lace scarf. I really like it and it's a fast knit... don't know why it's fallen off the list lately...

Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm baaaack!

It feels so good to be home. The saying is so true, there really is no place like home. Mt Washington ski trip was amazing, awesome and all of the above :) We had so much fun, skied SO much, learned a lot from some intermediate skiing lessons, fell a bit (it was funny each time) and froze our butts off!

I'm thinking about making this picture into a puzzle...

Finished the second Monkey sock while we were there. Yay, a pair of socks that are actually for me, wahoo!

Also made some wicked progress on Arwen - finished the left side completely, started and finished the back, and am almost up to adding the arm on the right side. So. Much. Fun.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Thursday is my favourite day of the week

I have made some progress on, well, everything. I have finished the second leg of the Monkey socks and am just finishing up the first sleeve on Arwen.

I bought a new camera and have been playing. Here is my favourite picture so far (Dena and her baby):

I can't wait for my photography class in February! For now I am off though, off skiing for a week. Sooooo I'll see you in a week, dear blog.