Saturday, April 19, 2008

Just keep knitting..

Finish Undulating Rib Socks in a camo colorway. Not big on the camo, didn't realize what it was until I started knitting. I only picked this color up cuz I liked the combo of greens and browns. Oh well, they still turned out quite nice :)

What else am I working on? Welllllllllllll on the bus I'm knitting a baby cardigan that has been taking forever (mostly because I am SO ready to be done with it, don't like the yarn), Starsky is still ongoing although it hasn't been touched in weeks... maybe tomorrow, and some Entrelac socks:

Lots on the go, a few things almost finished... just keep knitting, just keep knitting :) Happy Saturday!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Thanks and looky!

Thanks for all the camping advice everyone! I've decided to go ahead with my plan of camping alone in Strathcona Park this summer, should be very relaxing :)

I'm working on Undulating Rib Socks right now, knitting on two circulars. It's my first time using two circulars for socks and I'm finding it... interesting. Seems to be faster. I've also been sewing, see:

Monday, April 7, 2008


All I can really say is that I love it. Love it, love it, love it.

Finished last night, and wore it to work today. The Details if you're interested.

Question to all; I want to go camping this summer, but it looks like I'll be solo. The trip is about 10 days long with a ton of day long hikes into the wilderness to some breathtaking views (for the locals - Strathcona Park). I'm absolutely itching to go, but a little hesitant on the solo thing... what do you think?
  • Would I be nuts to go alone?
  • If it is nuts, where would I find someone willing to go with me (friends and family already questioned with no takers)?
  • If I do go alone, safety tips (bears, cougars, rednecks)? I find I can typically handle my own, I'm honestly not even a bit worried about the camping/night time part, it's the hiking part... alone... in the bushes... alone... how do I make noise to scare away animals when I'm all alone? Will I just look like easy prey to a hungry cougar?
  • Ugh, but I really, really want to go... advice?