Saturday, January 12, 2008

Snowflake Inspiration

So after getting home and settled in I quickly realized I didn't have socks on the go anymore - gasp! Started these this morning and knit them a bit in the waiting room as my niece was born (very cool).
Colourwork is definitely one of the skills I need to work on. I seem to knit colour tight, really tight. Confession: I finished this sock last night (literally about to graft the toe), couldn't get it on past my ankle and this morning gave in to the reality that no matter how much pulling and stretching they would never fit. So I frogged them back to the cuff and started again. Progress is much slower the second time around as I'm making sure not to repeat my earlier mistakes. I still love them very much :)
Also here is the progress on Arwen. Very pleased with how quickly this one is coming along. Once it's finished I absolutely must pay some attention to that lace scarf. I really like it and it's a fast knit... don't know why it's fallen off the list lately...


Raven said...

That's so frustrating when socks don't fit. Hope it goes better the second time around.

Congratulations on getting a new niece.

Elizabeth said...

congratulations on being an aunt! :)