Monday, March 24, 2008

Goal Update

So we're a quarter of the way through 2008, time for an update on the 'Goals for 2008 ':

Lose 20 lbs! Lost 15lbs so far and re-evaluated my goal, going for another 10lbs.

Learn. Thai cooking class and Photography class are complete and were both awesome. I actually took a second photography course because I liked it so much. Greg is looking into getting us scuba diving lessons this year as well.

Actually figure out this whole politics thing. I'll get around to it, I swear.

Home: tile backsplash, bar stools, and window coverings that the cats can't destroy. Done, done, and almost done (only the dinning room, office and gym left)

Compile a cookbook of my favourite recipes and publish it through Blurb. Cancelled. Why? Well in order to lose weight and also as a result of a nutritionist coming to talk to everyone at my work we adopted the Clean Eating Diet which is amazing and we have both never felt better. Unfortunately that means a lot of my favourite recipes are things we can't eat anymore... so yeah. Cancelled.

I really need to clean out our 'stuff' so Garage Sale this year, promise! I have a stash of stuff ready to go for the summer (actually a whole closet full). And I'm going to talk to my grama about having it at her house, maybe make it a whole family thing.

House insurance, I know our coverage isn't enough, and that's just tempting fate people. I are dumb. I are now smart and adequately covered.

Go skiing again, it's been years. Ski Trip was a blast.

Go on one of the following trips: West Coast Trail (still looking for a trail partner), Houseboat vacation, Cruise somewhere hot. Greg is looking into the cruise, and I found a partner for the West Coast Trail, but she would like to do this next year, so 2009 it is :) I have also been invited to Las Vegas for free - my uncle is sending me, my mom and my two aunts for my mom's 50th birthday in October. So I may not get the cruise or houseboat vacation in this year... depends on if there is time/deals.

Pay off at least $3500 of my credit card debt. Don't gasp, yes it's high, and yes I know I need to learn from past experience... I'm working on it.
Another one I've been putting off is insurance, I don't actually know what my life insurance coverage is, only that I have some through work. Must get that figured out.
I have lumped these two together for one reason Suze Orman. I've been reading, in fact I've devoured two of her books since February. I admit I suck at money, until now that is. Her books have really opened my eyes and I feel like for the first time in my life I am really getting all my financial ducks in a row. Admittedly I have a lot of credit card debt to pay off, but now I have a solid, feasable plan to attack it. So we can mark these as in progress for now, but I'm feeling very good about it.

Knit only from the stash or gift yarn until it runs out. Which is plenty, trust me. I have been SO good in this respect. I only slipped once and that was recently. I got the promotion at work and wanted to celebrate. So one slip up in 3 months isn't really that bad. Right?

How is your 2008 so far?

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