Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Today my friends was a good day.

1 - Some of the members of my S&B expressed an interest in hand dyeing, spinning, and the process of making sheep into yarn. So I called a sheep farm on Salt Spring Island, which is only a $25 ferry ride away, and inquired as to the day tour possibilties. The man was amazingly nice and said he would love to have us come out and see the whole process from start to finish. He even granted my request to allow the whole gang to pet a sheep or two, we're animal loving ladies! And the best part is that it's by donation, so needless to say when I sent an email to our group for numbers almost everyone was in for a weekend of fuzzy fun. They also have a yarn store on the premises so we can buy yarn off of the sheep we just visited... I don't know why, but this appeals to be, yes, very much so.

2 - While on the phone with farmer mentioned above he said this coming weekend was out of the question as he was attending the knit out in Victoria... whats this!? my oversized ears perk up?! Google it was and look at the wonderful instantaneous happiness I found all in one little URL

Yarn Harlot!? In Victoria!? Be still my shaking needle fingers... yes, I'm giddy with excitement. I picked up my tickets today to see Yarn Harlot on Saturday evening. I am thrilled that my grandmother accepted my invitation to join me. She's the one that taught me to knit, so it's only fitting that she be my date for the evening :)

3 -Sunday there is the first annual knit out(see above link), which I plan on attending with my good friend Jennifer. This makes for a very, knitty, busy weekend, but I think I'm up for it.

4 - Earlier this week I emailed the marketing department at my work and asked if they would do a feature on our homepage ( on knitting books. I gave them all sorts of informtion and links galore. I even informed them that I thought Yarn Harlot would be a great person to interview perhaps. So when I found out she was in town this weekend I sent them a follow up email in case they wanted to get in touch with her now. Well... I might just tear up... they asked me if I wanted to do the interview... do I?! do I?! Yes, it would be an honour... although someone will have to help me with actual questions so that I don't take up my entire time with simply on my own interests... like can I knit part of her travelling socks? and, and, can she come yarn shopping with me cause that would make my day? So while it's an honour, I am truely scared.... don't worry over un-spilled milk though, I emailed her to request her time and have not yet heard back... so as Stephanie Pearl-McPhee once said on her own blog 'Nothing like a little anxiety to light a fire under your knitting.... ' Gryfindor scarf - almost. done.

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