Sunday, February 10, 2008

Another wonderful weekend comes to an end

I made some more wonderful things this weekend, well really I started them throughout the week, it's just that weekends tend to be when I finish things up. First Winter Sunrise Hat in Lana Gatto, which is a dream yarn to work with, but kinda pricey... Pay no attention to the pajamas in the picture, no, no attention at all.

Second I made some placemats before going to a sewing lesson (the lesson came free with my new machine and was somewhat helpful). My mom also started a set of placemats. We were going to make them together, but well, I don't get it, she was just really slow and only got two done. I made my full set of 4 and love them. Greg really likes them too.
And last, but certainly not least (especially considering the time and effort) I made curtains for our kitchen. No pics right now since they are in for a final wash before hanging. I'll be sure to post some pics before Valentines Day :)

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