Monday, February 25, 2008

Photo Heavy Update

Two weeks have flown by faster than I care to reflect on for too long. I took a photography class in there, so yes, this post is picture heavy. So in a nutshell;
Haircut, new makeup. 10inches of my lovely long hair went to BC Cancer Agency.

Thai cooking class, hmmm no photos... Photography Class

Making curtains for our bedroom.


Finally caught up all my scrapbooking for 2007, 2 Salmon Kings hockey games. Work, Eating Clean still (yay 11lbs gone), Rock Climbing, Running, plus some personal stuff that has taken up A LOT of my time (sry no details, too private). This week doesn't look so quiet either, Blog, Ravelry, finish curtains for bedroom tonight, tomorrow and thursday are rock climbing nights, Wed is swimming with a friend and I hope to take some pictures after work to get the most practice I can after that photography class, and then Friday I'm off to Vancouver to visit my cousin for two days, Sunday is another rock climbing day and I'll have to do all the household stuff that day as I will have been away most of the weekend. Well, at least I can't say I'm bored. Definitely keeping busy.
Looking forward to the ferry ride too and from Van - great knitting time. I hope to finish the SecretPalYarn Scarf, and maybe even GramaRobbins Scarf too... I'll let you know how it goes :)

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Elizabeth said...

I love your hair! I've been thinking about cutting mine short again (I donated to a cancer society years ago...14 inches I think? and it still only went to my shoulders).

Also, I obviously am still 5 years old inside. Because I actually yelled DUCK! when I saw that mallard. Luckily no one else is in the apartment to hear me ;-)