Sunday, July 1, 2007

Long weekends are great for knitting

Happy Canada Day!

I find myself looking forward to long weekends more than I used to... only because of the potential knitting I could accomplish in such a time-span. For example, this weekend:
Stripey socks for myself. Finally my first good pair of socks (my previous three attempts have resulted in very, very short feet... must find small children with large calfs to give them to).

There are two new babies comming into the world this fall, how could I resist?

I also cast on for what will be my 'Bus socks'. I'm going to attempt taking BC Transit for the month of July. Why? To save on money, do my part for the environment where-ever I can, squeeze in some extra walking in a day, and also, of course, more knitting time! So I cast on for what I thought was Monkey Socks.... note to self: when printing two online patterns at the same time, take careful attention to seperating the patterns well. I accidentally cast on for pomatomus... I don't think I'm quite ready for the difficulty, but heck if I have to redo it's just more knitting, so I decided to leave it as is and attempt a pair.

Now that I am using the intended Monkey sock yarn on these socks, the question becomes what colour should I use for Monkey Socks? In the stash we have an off-white, self-striping(which I don't think would work well), light blue, and a dark purple... or do I buy something new? Help me out here people, I hate decisions.

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Jennifer said...

The Monkey socks are gorgeous! My vote is for dark purple.