Sunday, July 8, 2007

Spiral Boot Socks and Clue1 of MS3 - Check!

Some Sunday eye candy for you. I finally finished the second spiral boot sock for my sister. I also managed to get the First Clue for MS3 finished tonight. Clue #2 came out on Friday... hoping to get that done sometime this week, as in, before Clue #3 comes out :)
I am very excited for the coming weekend. I've arranged for the stitch 'n' bitch group from work to take a little field trip. We're going to a farm on SaltSpring Island to visit a sheep farm. They are going to show us how the sheep are sheared, the wool is cleaned, carded, dyed and spun. I believe we'll even get to try a few things out to see how we like it etc. There is also a yarn store on premise and as per our special request, we get to pet the sheep :) What more could a knitter ask for?

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Anonymous said...

So... I had a dream last night that I knit those spiral socks. It's normal to dream about knitting, right? Right??