Monday, July 23, 2007

No pics, sorry

  • MS3 Clue #3 done. Looking at #4 thinking 'dear god, what have I gotten myself into?' But I'm sure I'll have it done before I leave for vacation in two weeks.
  • Diamond Fantasy Shawl, only 4 more repeats to go. It got too big to fit in my daily work bag, so I've started:
  • Monkeys. Started both at once (in the dark purple - thanks Jennifer!), cuff done and two pattern repeats. I'd read that the pattern was easy to remember, but no one mentioned just how fast these socks work up! No wonder they are so popular! I should have these done within two weeks as well.
  • Victorian Lace Today... I caved, I bought it. And I LOVE IT! I'm fairly certain I'll make everything in that book, eventually.
  • I also bought some Crystal Palace Kid Mohair in Misty Lilac at the same store for one of the patterns in the book.

So I'm going on vacation in two weeks. The plan, August 4th drive like mad into Seatlle to catch a baseball game (tickets arrived on Thursday - weeee!), tootle around Seatlle for Sunday, hit the road again and make our way to the Sea Lion Caves and the Sand Dunes, then make our way back stopping where-ever pleases us. I'm going with mom, we do this every couple of years just hit the road with not too much of a plan in mind. Soooo anyone have any recommended places to see/stop in at? Any wonderful restaraunts that we simply shouldn't miss?

Now... what to knit on the road...

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Anonymous said...

I recommend socks, just like the yarn harlot. They are small, and you can just gap out while you do them. Also, if you happen to knit in public, it's fairly obvious to people what you're knitting --> no "whatcha knitting?" remarks ;-)