Tuesday, July 3, 2007

New project and bus news

Mission Bus Sock came to an ubrupt reality check today as my first day riding the bus. 1 - the express taking me into work is way too fast, 7 minutes does not go well with knitting. 2 - the bus ride home is far more condusive to knitting, 40 minutes, but also far more squishy... Therefore I must find a project with simple repeats, I can't take a pattern with me on the bus, it's just too tricky to balance on my legs. So the original difficult socks, just not going to happen. I'll find something easy, but fun.
It was fun to watch the number of people that just simply stopped and watched what I was doing. I had my headphones in and decided to pretend I didn't notice... for now. tee hee

I have been making progress on the second Spiral Boot sock and am about to work the heel... I suspect it will be finished this week, unless I get distracted by diamonds, pretty, pretty, diamonds

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