Sunday, September 9, 2007

Best Husband Ever!

Friday night I asked my husband for help winding the yarn for his sweater... and my dad's sweater, oh and the fleece artist for Grama. Side note: All of which are Christmas gifts - yay! He protested after only two skiens - agast!

Last night he came home from work and promptly handed me my new swift. Hahahahahaha. Ok, so the gift was almost completely self-centered on his part, which he admitted to when handing me the beautiful contraption. But still, a swift! I could hardly contain myself and smothered him appropriately. I then spent some of the evening and an hour this morning finishing up winding all my yarn - yes, yes that would be the highlight of my weekend :)

So everyone knows how Stephanie has a squirrel in her area with an affliction for brown fleece, right? Well he loves it. And this morning I discovered first hand how cute, but annoying it really can be. Think gray cat, gray yarn... See below for mugshots:

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Shelby said...

Now that is a good husband!! And a cat who has great taste in yarn. ;)