Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sunday, Rainy Sunday.

I finished my SecretPal's Monkey socks on Tues... or Wed? Either way they are done and ready to be mailed as part of her 3rd package. I'm just waiting for a book I ordered from my work to arrive and the last package is complete :) I mailed her second package out today, but I'm worried that the sewing box won't arrive exactly together. I suspect it will be opened and the content strewn throughout the box, but if that's what happens I'll simply send her the before and after pictures of what it should look like :)

I've also made some great progress on Greg's jacket. I'm excited to be done the majority of the stockinette and start on the sleeves... I dread the yoke, but oh well, it must be done.

What else am I working on... oh Socks for my co-worker Beth! These are fun. Although I still haven't found a cable needle small enough for sock yarn, and cabling without a cable needle drives me bananas! Beth actually made a joke about knitting her socks with toothpicks. At the time it was funny, but I tried it out, for the cabling part anyways, and wouldn't you know it? It works like a hot damn!

I finally got the book I've been waiting for at the library and suspect a lot of it will be read today as it's wet and cold outside. Although climbing is calling and I may end up at CragX all day again. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it, mostly because this blog is about my knitting, but I climb. I started climbing at the age of 8. My dad climbed SO much and of course got me into it quite young. He had these grandeur dreams of me becoming the next Lynne Hill. As such he pushed me quite hard and by the age of about 15 I decided I couldn't take it anymore and quit, much to my fathers dissapointment. To be fair, he had it coming... and that's all I'm gonna say. Moving right along, about 3 years ago I decided I'd take it up again on my own and even convinced my husband to join with me (he loves it!). We are now established annual pass holders each year and go at least 2-3 times a week for a duration anywhere from 1.5 hrs to 4hrs. I enjoy it immensely, more than words can really express. I heart rock climbing :) So there is another peice of the Kristy puzzle for you, enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

rock climbing...that is so cool! i love being outdoors too and i love the pacific northwest. my husband and i are planning a move out there (seattle) from the US east coast. i really envy and enjoy reading your posts about living in that beautiful part of the world! --yr secret pal (p.s. i am so glad you liked the yarn--i thought it was perfect for you!)