Sunday, August 19, 2007

Rainy days and shopping

Rainy days always make me want to either go shopping or hunker down with some good movies and knitting. So I did both!

Yesterday I put together the first package for my secret pal, made the sewing box for her second package and went for lunch with mom. Yay, shopping! It was a good day :) This sewing kit was so much fun to make, and relatively easy, albeit time consuming. I would definitely make this again.



While shopping we happened upon a sale, and who can resist a sale I mean really?! X-Files was the best show of it's time, I watched it almost religiously with my dad every Sunday night. We'd each have our own 2Litre of pop and large bag of chips, and we'd take over the living room staring at the tube while Scully and Moulder searched for the truth :) Geeky, I know. Anyways, normally these DVDs are like $50 each - ouch! And we found them on sale for $20 each, well you can guess we bought the whole set... yes the whole NINE seasons. Yes that's about 165 hours of tv on dvd, and I don't expect to come up for air until I'm done! Oh and just think of the knitting that can happen in 165 hours!

And speaking of knitting - here is the current progress on the Wheat-ear cable yoke. I'm excited to have this done in time for the rainy season... which seems to have started early... as in today. Well, what can you expect, I suppose it's just part of living on the West(read Wet) Coast.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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