Monday, August 27, 2007

On the road again

I finished the last of the Hedra socks on Friday and promptly passed them to my friend to take home with her. They turned out really good and fit her well. Enjoy, Miss AnnaK!

I went on the bus up to Parksville this weekend and made A LOT of progress on my sweater (Wheat-ear cable). I now have the front, back and one sleeve done... although the sleeve was done twice since I cast on 44 instead of 48 the first time around, doh! The weekend was good, visiting family, going to the local farm markets and such.

I'm only here until Thursday this week, then I'm hitting the road again on another road trip. This time, however, my husband is coming with me - yay! This is a rare occurance, my husband is in sales, so he rarely takes any time off. Where are we going? To the rockies and back, I say! I'm very excited to see the ice fields and glacial lakes. It should be a very pretty trip, with lots of nature to see. We'll be camping the whole way and I have to admit, I'm a little sketchy about the tenting in Grizzly central. It should be okay though, I'm just being silly I suppose.

Knitting-wise, I think I'll bring the sweater to finish... I imagine I will have the second sleeve finished on the ferry the first night... then I can join it all toghether the next day. After that... I think the Jaywalkers to finish. they don't require much pattern reading and I want to have my eyes mostly on the scenery. We'll see how much actually gets done :)

Enjoy your week, and have a great long weekend as well! (I'll be too busy to post again)

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