Thursday, August 23, 2007

The promised stash - warning, picture heavy

And so begins the evaluation of the stash. Do I have enough to keep me going for a full year? Maybe. Will I buy more anyways? More is already on it's way :)

Both of these are Lorna's Laces sock yarn. The purpley one will be a pair of Monkeys for myself. The pinstripe black and gray will be a pair of socks for my husband. Am I excited to start these? Kinda, they are socks... socks make good bus knitting so I know I will get to these in time.

New Silky Wool picked up in Seattle with this pattern.

Laceweight in a chocolate brown I couldn't resist. Folk Shawls Fir Cone Shawl. See Eunny's as an example.

From left to right. 1- $2 total for all 6 balls of that white stuff... Help me out here people. It's acrylic (meh, it was cheap) and fingering weight - what to make? 2- multi-colour sock yarn that came in a pack with the teal stuff there as well. Not sure which socks, but since it's sock yarn I know it will be used. 3 - Teal sock yarn. Pomatomus, already started... hmm that's another wip - oops! 4 - Yellow/Gold Lionbrand. What to do, what to do?

mmm fleece artist, yummy. This will be a stole from Victorian Lace today for my Grama.
Eek! Are those needles? another wip? NO WAY!? hahah burgunday lace weight, meant for a kimono shawl and it looks as though I cast on... and walked away.
Ah, yes. Inca Gold Baby Alpaca. I may have purchased this simply to pet. No I probably had a shawl in mind... yes probably. Now to remember which one.
This is going to be hmmm... actually a present for someone who reads my blog. crap, can't tell you much about this one.
oooohhh, see this? this has the potential to be a Flower Basket Shawl. drool.

This is three hats. Can't you see them? I can. Two Odessas, and one Shedir.
Snowflake Socks from Interweave Knits Fall 2007 edition.
This is a lacey scarf called Spring Rain. I got it at the Knit Out a couple months ago... and forgot about it. It's pretty, maybe that will become a birthday present.
This one for me.

This one for my step-mom.

These two... well they are a bit of a mystery. I believe the first was bought on impulse in a clearance bin soley based on the fact that it reminded me of Cookie Monster. And the red stuff... yeah, it's red. What should I do with these folks?

There is also the ever growing basket of leftovers. What does everyone do with their leftovers?
And this, this is the best for last (even though I think the finished product is quite hideous). My mother in law approached me about knitting something for her. I says, well sure what is it? I am promptly invited for tea. hmmm, odd. So I go over and she brings out this big box. She then goes on to explain the following:
During her mother's last days she lived with my mother in law and the whole family in their huge home. She had fallen ill and was quite dependant on them. She had ordered this kit, a knitting kit to make herself a jacket. It arrived a week before she passed.
So she asked me to finish it for her. Sob. I said yes, of course. And now all I can manage is to stare at the box in awe that I was asked to finish something so precious to my mother in law. I will finish it, but I will make sure it's at a time that I can give it the undivided attention it deserves.
And that about sums up my stash... hahahah lots hey? Anyways let me know what you think I should do with some of the stuff, the order I should tackle this all in, etc. I'd love some feedback.

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