Wednesday, August 22, 2007

WIP Evaluation

It’s amazing what you find when you go through the stash. First you find WIPs, some you knew about, some you were knowingly neglecting, and some poor lonely forgotten ones:

Jaywalkers for my Secret Pal. Although I love the pattern and am excited to complete these, I really don't like the bamboo dpns... Perhaps they are just cheap needles, but I constantly feel like I'm going to break them and therefore it's slow going and frustrating to knit... I see new metal DPNs in my near future. In fact, these may go on hold until I aquire those needles.

The second Hedra, almost done. These were fun to knit, but I prefer monkeys. This last sock will be finished this week, promise.

Mystery Stole 3, this is the neglected one. I have all the clues to finish this one now... and really should finish it up... yup... I really should... Maybe in September, yes, I'll tackle it again in September.

The very long forgotten, I started Mariah a few months ago. In fact this was one of the patterns that made me want to knit... so you'd really think I'd have finished it by now... I wonder why I got side tracked, perhaps summer came and the thought of knitting a jacket just didn't seem appealing in the heat. I will take another look at this one as soon as I finish the Wheat-ear cable yoke.

And of course the most recent is my Wheat-ear cable yoke, coming along swimmingly. I'm hoping to get most of this done during my weekend away, this weekend.

Second you find much more yarn in your stash than you remember ever buying. But more to come on that tomorrow.

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