Wednesday, October 3, 2007

October? Really?

So did anyone else look at the calander on Monday and pretty much crap their pants? Where did September go? Wasn't it August just yesterday?

That means Socktoberfest has started. I was thinking about participating, but I simply have too much Christmas knitting to get done. I'm trying to avoid becoming a knitting zombie close to Christmas and have been working like mad to get the first project finished. Greg's Avast Jacket is knitting up very fast. I finished the body on Sunday night, and then finished the first sleeve last night. so. fast. What else am I knitting for Christmas? Henry for my dad, Estelle for my mom, Diamond Fantasy Scarf for my friend, and a scarf from Victorian Lace Today for my step-mom. Which doesn't sound like too much, but will still take a while to get it all done... I'm a fast knitter though, I think I can do it :)

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