Friday, October 12, 2007

Buying stocks in Halls cough drops

Yay, it's Friday. I've been off work for the last day and a half, sick, sick, sick! blah! I hate coughing, sneezing and generally feeling bad. It doesn't help that your generally more clumsy when sick... I made myself a nice bowl of turkey soup for lunch yesterday and managed to accidentally drop my glass of water, sploosh, right into my bowl. So water got into my soup, onto my accompanying bun (ruining my lunch) and of course turkey stew all over me, the table, the floor and even the wall. So now, not only am I feeling like crap, and lunchless, but I'm covered in turkey stew and have to clean it all up from the dinning room before having a shower to get herbs and turkey outta my hair... I hate being sick. My husband laughed when I told him last night. Fair enough, it really is quite hilarious.

I didn't even get much knitting done...I started a new sock for Beth as the pattern I had chose was annoying. I've decided I'm not a cabled sock knitter. Sock Cables make me unhappy. The new sock pattern is an ankle sock and I'm now worried about it being too small. It was knit on 2mm needles and well, it's small. Should I chaulk it up to knitting while sick and frog it yet again? arg, I don't want to, but at the same time I don't want to knit something that will never get worn. Thoughts? Ideas? Comfort?

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Anonymous said...

hi Kristy! so sorry to hear that you are/have been sick..hope you are feeling better. i am sick has been so wonky here lately. so i am late in mailing your package but i will haul my butt to the post office tomorrow! as for the small socks, if you dont have a sister (somehow i want to say you have a brother??) you can give them to an in-law, cousin or friend with smaller feet or send them to the dulaan project!---yr secret pal