Friday, October 26, 2007

two of two - Secret Pal!!

This morning there was ring at the door... kind of early so I was confused as I wasn't expecting anyone. It was Canada Post! I immeditately ran upstairs and jumped on the bed waking up Greg so we could open the package together, not that he cares too much, but I like to share my excitement even if it means waking him up :)

Secret Pal, you. are. amazing. Banana Fiber!
Left to Right, Banana Fibre which will be made into this, Peruvia which will be made into... something, little animal magnets (SO cute), kitty toys, and delicate wash stuff for my hand knits(I've been meaning to pick some of that up).
The colour for the banana fiber is definitely bold, but I still love it. Love it! I think the bag I'll make from it might be a bit smaller than the pattern says, but I was planning on doing that anyways. YAY, banana fiber!
The Peruvia is amazing, so soft. I'm not sure what to make out of it yet. So far mittens and hat have come to mind. But it's so nice... I may pick up some more of this and go for a full on sweater.
The magnets are already on my fridge and seem to be quite entertaining for Greg, LOL. So cute. And my kitties thank you for the toys, they are playing with them now even as I type.

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Jennifer said...

I think anything called "banana fiber" had better be bold in colour!