Thursday, November 1, 2007


It's been a busy week. Between busy work issues, hockey games, Halloween parties, trying to patch things up with my dad, and then Halloween itself time just seems to have been lost. The good news is, knitting has not been lost :) There has been much progress, although it's not much to photograph at the momment. I've finished the back, the left front and half of the right front on my mom's cardigan. I suspect the right front will be finished this weekend, although my schedule seems to be full again - I really don't know how that happens.

I have climbing tomorrow after work, and a rushed dinner before a Salmon Kings game (my work gives these tickets away all season and it ROCKS!). I plan on going for sushi lunch and a thrift store knitting needle mission with AnnaK on Saturday (absolutely cannot wait. weeeee!). Followed by a night out with another couple. Soooo Sunday, yes, Sunday I will knit this right front. And I will finish it damnit! Only 53 sleeps till Christmas!

I was also called tonight and informed I will have house guests on Tuesday night. This unfortunately means I will have to postpone Knit Night... and I can't even do it the following Tuesday as it's our strata AGM, yuck. Ack, and I will need to take the Wednesday off of work... I hate giving late notice for these sorts of things.. but I can't very well kick family out at 6:30AM... Can I?

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Anonymous said...

wow! sounds like you are super busy. i have to hand it to you, knitting a cardigan for a Christmas gift is a rather large undertaking so much luck to you! i am still at the point of being unable to knit a sweater that fits well. there always seems to be a seem that's too tight or too short... cos of US Thanksgiving, i'll prolly be sending out your reveal package a little earlier, but i will let you know when it goes out. cheers--yr secret pal