Sunday, November 4, 2007

Sweater Choices

Okay so I've come up with a top 5 list of choices for my new sweater. This will be out of the Berroco Peruvia from my SecretPal in a light grey. Here's what I'm trying to decide on and would really like your input:

  1. Cardigan for Arwen

  2. Bristow... yes I know I just made this for my mom.

  3. Samus

  4. Rogue

  5. Demi (would require purchase of this book)

Which one do you think I should make?


Anonymous said...

my (humble) personal tastes run toward simplier lines in clothing so my votes are for arwen (first choice) or samus--although i think that demi is stunning too! the peruvia is so soft that i think that the arwen would look so yummy and fluffy. can't wait to see what you decide! -yr secret pal

Anonymous said...

Not to make your choice worse, but have you seen Basic Black in the new magknits?

Saffron said...

I like the Arwen... :)

Jennifer said...

My vote #1 is for Demi and #2 for Rogue.

kracicot said...

SecretPal's comment is a good one, the peruvia is very soft and fluffy... I don't think that would suit Demi, I'll make that one another time out of something with a little less fluff.

Terri said...

Whichever is easiest (and fastest)! :)