Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bristow Cardigan Update

As promised, there has been much progress. I was able to finish up the last front last night. I even managed to finish up the button band and button hole band to boot!

Somehow I managed to use ChartA from the pattern and not ChartB so all the cables are going in the same direction... oh well it's too late now in my mind to go back. So I'll just make sure to continue the mistake throughout and it will end up looking intentional :) All that's left is the sleeves (which are always quick), seaming in all together and the neckband. Too easy. Hmmmm I'll also have to decide on some buttons...

I went to Beehive yesterday and ordered more of the Peruvia that my Secret Pal bought me. It's way too nice to be something small. I ordered enough for a sweater, and will be perusing Ravelry most of the morning looking for the perfect pattern :)

Most of the Christmas catalogues from various stores were delivered this weekend, Canadian Tire, Sears, London Drugs, etc. I don't know why, but this year I'm just not into it. I'm normally the person who has their decorations up on Nov 1st if Greg will let me. This year I haven't even started my Cards, and I should have because normally I make them all... perhaps this will be a store bought year :(

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