Monday, October 22, 2007

My weekend in a photo-nutshell

Progress as of Friday night:
- 2 chocolate bars, 3 coffees, 2 hours of GuildWars and some sock progress

- Driving to Cowichan Fibre Fair... alone :(

- Sushi with AnnaK and then shopping at Beehive = yay!

- Sock and Scarf progress as well

- 3 hours at the inlaws trying to pry the china cabinet from their clutches, 4 hours of Guildwars and a bunch of time on the couch knitting (and sneezing damnit)

- Sylus approves of the progress thus far

I didn't quite accomplish the goals for the weekend as far as knitting goes, but I think it went well. One sock finished, the second started, and 14 repeats done on the scarf (only 6 to go). Scarf will be done by end of week... promise.... looking at calendar, 63 days left, ACK! Ok 4 more repeats WILL be finished tonight and the last two... tomorrow! Maybe.

In other news, I scored an amazing set of China with the cabinet we are getting from Greg's parents. I love it pretty, but not frilly. I already have China, but not nearly a full set. My mother has a similar pattern and is delighted to keep mine for me, for now. I managed to get Mother-in-law to empty the cabinet and put everything into three piles, sell, give away, and find new homes for... to clarify she offered the cabinet, I'm not forcing her to give it up LOL.

Christmas plans are starting to come in as well, my Aunt has 'booked' Christmas Day Dinner at her place, yay that means I don't have to do it! Birthday plans so far are to eat sushi and lots of it with Greg and Anna. I plan on being tipped over and rolled out the door after such a feast :) Although I'm still in denial about having to get any older. Every year I seem to get closer to 30 and I don't like how fast it's coming up on me.

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