Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear Weekend, I missed you!

Plans for the weekend:
- attend Cowichan Fibre Fair with the lovely Miss AnnaK
- finish step-mom's scarf (only 12 repeats to go... I think I can do it)
- finish one sock (I'm just working the heel flap now)

I was thinking about Christmas earlier this week and was excited about being only 70 days to go. Later this week, my mind went 'Holy Crap! 68 days! I better get knitting! Knit like the wind fingers, knit!' What has everyone else got on their Christmas knitting list? Here's what I have left:

Finish step-mom's scarf
Mom's Cardigan
Dad's Scarf
Somthing for husband.. socks? Sweater?
Something special for someone that reads my blog
Hat for friend

I think I can get that all done in time...

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