Monday, September 17, 2007

In my life there is knitting, and it makes me happy.

In one word my weekend was wonderful.

Friday my credit card went into the freezer and I finished working out a budget plan which I've actually been working on for two months and it's really working, really! It made me feel good, although this means limited yarn purchases in the near future... I think my stash should keep me going though.

Saturday I went, with mom, up island to my cousins first football game of the season. It was entertaining, not only the game, but also watching all the girls giggle and swoon over my cousin, the quarter-back. Since it's 4 hours drive round trip and 4 hours of game, that's 8 hours total knittting time people!!! wahoo! I finished the first Monkey sock! When I had to frog the Jaywalker I went back to my old standby, I love Monkeys. Anyways, 1 down and the other started. Shouldn't be long now.

Sunday it rained. We stayed indoors. I was going to knit, BUT I got my invitation to Ravelry! I can't even begin to explain how happy this makes me. So Sunday was spent Ravelry-ing, I did knit 2 more repeats of the cable band for Greg's Avast Jacket, and then 3 hours at a rock climbing girls endurance training. If I'm not knitting, I'm rock climbing. They are pretty even competitors for my time...

Yes, it was a great weekend. And then this morning I woke up and it was weigh in day (yes, I'm trying to lose that 20lbs I gained back over last winter) and I was down another lb. Yay for me! Then when I got to work... Charmed Knits was sitting on my desk. Remember that Gryfindor Scarf I knit for my coworker? Well he bought me this book as a thank you. awwww, isn't that sweet? Now if only we can get this wonderfulness streak to last a little bit longer... for no reason in particular, it's just nice :)


Anonymous said...

hi kristy! - just wanted to let you know that your first package went out on 9/13 and it does have a far way to go but i hope you get it soon--yr secret pal

kracicot said...

Oh thank you for the update. I'm so excited now :)