Sunday, September 23, 2007

The definition of tedious

Working along long edge of cabled band with RS facing, pick up and k 4 sts for every 5 rows along edge of band. 221 sts on needle.

But at least it's done. Now the mountain of never ending stockinette begins. Which is good, I agree with Grumperina that the amount and difficulty of project on the go is a delicate balance.

  • I personally always need one pair of socks, at least, on the go for easily portable knitting. It gets me through my commute to and from work, through my lunch break and occasionally through line-ups or some sort of event I'm attending (football for example).

  • I then need something easy that isn't really meant to be portable... although it could be I suppose. Something like Avast where, other than the cable band I just finished, it's mindless knitting I can do in front of the tv in the evenings. Something I don't really have to think about, I just do.

  • And last I always need something challenging, something that really needs my full attention when knitting. Right now this is the Double Bordered Scarf with Diamond borders adapted from Weldon's 1904, from Victorian Lace Today.

There has also been some progress on the second Monkey sock for my Secret Pal, I'm almost finished the gussett now and imagine the pair will be complete before the week is over. Yay! The rest of my weekend was spent watching my cousin #66 at his Rebels football game (which included a streaker at half-time eek!) and making these:

It was a good weekend.

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