Monday, December 17, 2007

Entrelac I heart you!

First, some knitting content :) Ever since I started this scarf on Friday evening I just can't seem to put it down.

And now for something completely different. This amazes me every time it happens.. I am in awe at the things I get excited for now; the older I get the weirder it seems. For example, our Christmas gift from my Dad:

Absolutely thrilled and cannot wait to vaccum my house... this is where the 'when did I grow up?' comes in ;-)

Here is Dena 'helping' us unpack it all (note she is rather impressed that they made a box with an indent specifically the size of her butt, just for her of course and totally intentional on their part. After all, she IS the center of the universe):

And my dearest Husband trying to figure out the installation instructions. He really was doing quite well, I don't know why he made that perplexed face, but that's what makes him so darn cute!

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