Saturday, December 1, 2007

List Update

Not only did I finish my Christmas shopping today, completely, but I also finished knitting my dad's Christmas Scarf!

Progress of the Christmas List
  • One childrens mitten for a coworker DONE
  • One ****** for Jennifer (estimate: 7 hours) Frogged in favour of something better which is finished
  • One pair of Knucks for the hubby for our Anniversary Dec 22 (estimate: 6hours) Started tonight
  • One awesomely manly scarf for Dad DONE
  • Pair of mittens, also for Dad to match the scarf DONE
  • Socks for step-sister
  • Toque for step-brother
  • Toque or mittens for Jane

Not bad for one weeks work :) Now I leave you with some finished pictures to go wrap presents... while it's snowing outside!

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