Friday, December 7, 2007

When bad things happen to good cleaners

My car is filthy. It's winter, who's isn't?

1. I decide despite the freezing cold and darkness that is setting in fast I MUST wash my car.
2. After washing the outside I realize the inside is gross too
3. Clean windows, and interior surfaces
4. Break out vaccum cleaner
5. Start vaccuming until something starts to smell funny...
6. Change bag in vaccum cleaner, maybe it's just full and having a hard time.
7. Start vaccuming again until smell returns full force
8. Look down and see vaccum cleaner on FIRE!.
9. In one not-so-smooth movement open garage door, while unplugging and turning of vaccum cleaner all while hurling it outside into the puddle left in the driveway from washing the outside of the car just prior....

Good thing I washed the outside of the car first. That soapy puddle saved the day.

ps. Garage took an full two hours to 'un-stink'
pps. New vaccum cleaner has been added to Christmas wish list
ppps. Husband is STILL laughing at me

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