Saturday, December 29, 2007

Stash Attack

One of my main goals for 2008 is to knit solely from my stash (Except for Yarn Pirate Booty Club which will be delivered to my door). Now let me clarify, this will in no way actually deprive me of any knitting or fun. My stash is large, in my opinion. I preparation for 2008 I went through my entire stash last night and this morning and added projects to my Ravelry Q for everything. People, I have a lot of knitting ahead of me!

3 cardigans (1 is a gift)
13 pairs of socks
4 bulky scarves
7 lacey scarves
2 pairs of mittens
2 felted bags
7 hats
1 baby sweater set

Has anyone been doing the math as we go along? According to my calculations I should be well into 2009 before this is all done!

Still working away on Monkey socks right now and the Lacey scarf. They won't be finished for 2007, but there is some great progress. I'll post some pictures as soon as I finish up at least one of the socks.


Carol said...

I tried to do this for '07 it didn't too long :(

knittingvee said...

good luck on the knitting mission. (curious though: how does one calculate the duration of a project? i have all these knitting goals too and i want to see if they are doable)

kracicot said...

I just calculated how long it usually takes me to do a project. Like, I know a pair of socks takes me about 2 weeks, usually if knitting something else as well. I know a sweater takes me about 3 weeks (while knittting socks too). Lacy Scarves 2-3 weeks, Scarves 1-2 weeks. So I just added it all up and it's a lot of knitting :)